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What are Fascias

uPVC fascias & benefits in Preston and Blackburn

Fascia boards and barge boards act to support the bottom edge of the roof tiles, concealing and protecting the ends of the roof rafter, in addition to keeping out birds and vermin..

Preston and Blackburn Fascias help to prevent weather damage to roofs and are available in a range of colours and styles. Preston and Blackburn Fascias are more visible compared to soffits so cosmetics is an important factor. Given that traditional fascias and barge boards in Preston and Blackburn tend to be made of wood, thanks to the nature of the material they will eventually rot over time, which results in a property losing its protection. Not only that, but an unsightly property can quickly turn in to an eyesore.

Rotten timbers should never be covered and the practise of covering rotten fascias and barge boards with new uPVC fascias and fascia boards is only masking the problem and will certainly lead to further damage later on. At the time it may seem like the best option because it is cheaper, however the rotting wood underneath will just continue to deteriorate and far from rectifying the original problem it will only make it worse.

The main benefits of Preston and Blackburn uPVC Fascias include:

  • relatively maintenance free
  • Improves the aesthetics of a property
  • Durable – will stand the test of time
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Decorative fascia boards are also available
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