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Transform your garden with stylish, low-maintenance Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing is the environmentally friendly, attractive and maintenance-free alternative to timber fencing. Manufactured from Wood-Grain, a composite comprising 75% recycled material, Composite Fencing has all the look and feel of timber without any of the hassle. Plus it has the durability of concrete without the weight and health and safety concerns. Composite Fencing Wood-Grain consists mainly of recycled PVC-U, coated with wood composite, and comes with an amazing 20 year guarantee against rotting.

Simple and easy to install

Composite Fencing is simple and easy to install, consisting of panels weighing less than 5kg that are slotted into place and stacked to the required height. Replacing wooden panels in an existing fence is simplicity itself: just remove old panels and slot into the existing concrete posts.

Composite Fencing, wood-Grain fence posts are also very easy to install as, like the panels, they can be sawn to size and fixed using the system’s ‘SupaSpike’ – whereby the spike is driven into the ground and the post fitted over the top. For surfaces such as driveways and pavements, a bolt down version is available.

Composite Fencing is quick and easy

The unique finish of composite fencing will add beauty and complement a gardens’ natural surroundings. These incredibly light fencing panels are incredibly strong, making general handling and transportation easy.

Environmentally friendly. Wood-Grain is manufactured from 75% recycled materials. In using Wood-Grain you can be assured that you are protecting the world’s natural resources and helping the environment.

Use with existing posts. Simply remove the old wooden panels from the concrete posts and then slot the composite fencing gravel boards in place. In an instant you have a maintenance-free fence which not only looks good but is easy to install and never needs treating.

Looks and feels like wood. Composite Fencing’s unique finish will add beauty and complement your customers’ gardens for year to come. Unlike most traditional fencing, Wood-Grain’s dual face means you can also share the cost.

Features of composite fencing

Composite fencing has been engineered for low maintenance. Due to this its means that the durability will improve over time, because wood plastic composite fencing won’t warp or rot over time from weathering and rain. The fences we provide also will not need constant sealing or staining either. They are one of the lowest maintenance fence solutions available and can be cleaned with a hose or jet wash.

Our wood plastic composite boards and panels come in a range of different colours. We know that one of these colours will blend right into your space. The materials that we have improve colour stability because they benefit from an anti-UV agent. Our panels are made from recycled materials, so they are environmentally friendly and made from materials that are not toxic. Timber fences that are traditional are very expensive to install and buy. Composite fencing is an inexpensive replacement and will commonly outlast natural alternatives. You will also be able to benefit from minimised maintenance upkeep and installation costs.

Our materials are designed for ease. The fence panels we use utilise light weight honeycomb construction so they are quite simple to install. This will mean that your fence will be customisable and is able to be extended and built to whatever measurements you require.

Composite fencing is becoming more and more popular as it offers an appealing alternative to traditional wooden fences and has a much longer life. So what exactly is composite fencing? It is made from recycled and reclaimed materials such as plastics and wood fibres. It is environmentally friendly. It has the feel and look of traditional timber fences. It is available in a range of finishes and is an enviable substitute for the natural wood product. It absorbs less water when compared to conventional timber meaning it has reduced mould and fungal growth.

The boards have no splinters and have an added benefit of hidden fixings. The installation is lighter than timber and easily cut, which is useful if you are planning to carry out your own installation. Any of the boards that we provide are consistent is shape and size. We can also offer you a professional installation if this is something you would require. The only thing you need to do is choose your colour and finish. If you choose to use composite fencing you are cutting down the problems of traditional wooden fences such as woodworm, splitting, rotting and warping. They have a life expectancy of twenty-five years. It is a sensible investment and is cheaper than conventional wood over time.


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