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A new driveway on a modern house. Replacing driveways in Preston.

Replacing your Driveway Surface

You don't have to put up with uneven slabs, cracked tarmacadam and puddles!!! Replacing driveways can be a quick and painless process especially with the advancement iin materials that you can choose from. Don't put off replacing or repairing your old driveway as it will only get worse over time whereas the investment in a new driveway will increase your property value as well as make the exterior more attractive. The cost will depend on the driveway surface you choose and the size of the project.

If the driveway hasn't been well maintained it can affect the lifespan and if water is pooling on the surface poor drainage can cause subsidence and damp, both of which can lead to costly repairs.

By acting now and replacing your old driveway we can offer you a cost effective solution.

Choose from the following surfaces for replacing driveways :-
Mono-block paving
Indian stone
Pattern imprinted concrete
And many more....

See our Which is the best surface for my Driveway guide for more help.

Things to consider when replacing driveways:

The climate where you live will affect which driveway surface is best to use

You need to think about what the weather is like where you live. For example what the soil is like and the type of soil it is. Usually we will work with you to create micro climates. 

The size of your driveway that you are replacing

Different materials suit large or small driveway areas. Gravel is ideal for a large area, such as a long country driveway whereas block paving can be ideal for a tiny front driveway where it would be difficult to get large equipment on to the drive.

Access to your driveway area

You need to consider what the access is like to your driveway. Some surfaces such as Tarmac require large machinery to install the covering so you would need adequate access for this.

The traffic that the driveway needs to cope with

How much traffic will your driveway have to contend with? Will it be used for more than one vehicle, maybe several cars and vans, or would it just be for one car with occasional use. The answer to this question will affect which surface is suitable for replacing driveways in your home.

The budget you have to spend when replacing driveways

The driveway surfaces can vary greatly in how much the materials cost to buy and the labour cost will depend on how long it takes to install the driveway, plus how many workmen will be needed for the project.

Which driveway material compliments your home exterior

It is crucial to consider when replacing driveways how the new drive will look next to your property. If it is an old period building a tarmac driveway might decrease the value of the home as it would look out of place, whereas a blovk paving that matches the stone or brick of the existing structure could increase the value. Block Paving is available in many colours and shades to choose from so it should be easy to match to your home.

Will the driveway surface need to contend with petrol and oil leaks

Oil and petrol can stain and degrade some coverings such as Tarmac so if the driveway leads to a garage where car maintenance takes place this is an important point to consider.

Is the driveway surface a sustainable product

There are now many options for sutainable driveway surfaces that are more permeable and so good for the environment. Any homeowner needs to take into consideration the impact on the environment now and in the future when any work is undertaken.


If you are not sure if your driveway needs replacing yet or maybe it just needs repairing have a look at our handy guide How do I know when to replace my driveway for more advice.

Redline is available for replacing driveways in Preston, Bolton and throughout Lancashire. We have been working in Lancashire for more then 20 years and as you can see from our excellent reviews we are a trusted and reliable company. Please don't hesitate to call us for advice and a free quote.


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