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How important are fascias and soffits?


Roofs are usually the most neglected part of buildings, despite being one of the most important aspects that keep us dry and sheltered, and most people don't bother to consider how important are fascias and soffits to the home defence. Here we will discuss how the fascias and soffits are a crucial part of protecting your property from the weather, and so why it is vital to keep them maintained.
Many homeowners do not know what the fascia and soffits are. The soffit is the part underneath the overhang, between the roof’s edge and the side of your home, and the fascia are the boards that line the walls underneath the roof. The role of soffits and fascias:



The fascia serves as a barrier in between the outside and the edge of your roof. This means it bears the brunt of the elements and protects the roof and the inside of your house from harsh weather. It is usually found in the area where the gutter is connected to the roof, which means it might need to support several gallons of water during heavy rain, while also providing support for a bottom row of tiles. Most 21st century homes now have a fascia board, however some older homes lack this feature.

This means it is very important to keep an eye on your fascias and look out for signs of wear. Fascias usually last for years before they need replacing. They will only need to be replaced if the fascia becomes water damaged or ages.




The soffit is the section that is exposed beneath the overhanging section of a roof. If you do not have this then you would see exposed rafters when you look up at your home. This is not aesthetically pleasing or efficient. If your rafters are exposed they will likely rot. This could threaten the stability of your roof, which would require a lot of extra spending on your part. In addition to this, soffits aid ventilation to your attic as they usually have small holes, allowing air to circulate. This is essential in winter and summer months. Air circulation stops the attic from overheating in hot weather, while also preventing moisture build up in the winter, which can damage your rafters.


What purpose do Fascia and Soffits serve?


Many people think they are just an architectural feature to look good. The fascia and soffits not only keep moisture out but also allow for ventilation for your home, reducing condensation and damp in the loft and roof area. Soffits and fascia fortify water entry points in the roofline, thereby preventing damage to the frame of the property. If you fail to keep moisture, mold and rot at bay, you may face irreparable structural damage to your house.

An effective fascia and soffit system serves the following purposes:

It secures the gutter system as well as adding a layer of further stabilisation to it.

It seals off access to the underside of the roof, protecting against insects, squirrels and birds, etc from taking up residence.

Helps to stop water from penetrating the roofline and the attic through the house eaves whilst also allowing ventilation to the roofline which reduces condensation issues.

A well-designed fascia board is an architectural feature that helps to add curb appeal, as it covers the rough ends of the rafters whilst also providing a clean looking backing for the gutters.

It is essential that the fascia is strong as well as weather resistant as it supports the lower row of roof tiles, the down pipes and the guttering as well as keeping the rain out of your property. We recommend uPVC systems as they are durable, long lasting and waterproof.


How to tell if your fascias and soffits need replacing


You should keep an eye out for flaking or peeling paint as this shows that your soffits or fascias are failing to keep out moisture. You need to check regularly for evidence of damp and rot, which needs to quickly be stopped before it can spread. In addition to this, signs of rodent or insect infestations in your roof ca be a sign of rotting fascias. If you notice any of this there is a chance your soffits or fascias will need to be replaced and have a specialist come and check them out.


Replacing fascia and soffits not only makes your home look instantly smarter and fresher it also adds extra protection for your roof and your property. Many people overlook the importance of fascia and soffits and think they are just decorative, not realising they serve to bridge the gap between the wall and where the roof timbers and roofs overhang the walls, making the roofline protected against the weather.


It is vital to replace Fascia and Soffits when necessary.

The cost of replacing the roof is a huge outlay that you want to avoid until it is absolutely necessary, but if your fascia and soffits are properly maintained and effective the lifespan of your roof will be extended. This is why it’s important to regularly inspect your roofline for problems. If your fascia and soffits are compromised and water is entering your property then damp and mould can infiltrate the structure of your home, causing long term damage.


Why it is important to use an established company in Lancashire you can trust to replace your Fascia and Soffits.

If you are considering whether to replace your fascia and soffits, Redline have over thirty-five years experience in Preston and Lancashire and are happy to offer our advice. If the fascia and soffits are not installed by a company you can trust, this can lead to problems in your roofline which can jeopardise the weather proofing of the roof and compromise the structure of your home, costing you much more in the long run. This is why we have many valued customers who know they can rely on us to give an efficient and professional service. Our reviews speak for themselves. Have a look at our gallery section to see examples of our work.


Fascia and soffits replaced on a house in Preston, Lancashhire.


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