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Master Craftsmen Recommended for Roofline and Barge Boards Work

Keep reading to find out about our accreditations and why you should choose us.

Redline are proud to be a recommended supplier listed by the Master Craftsmen our details and recommendations can be seen on their third party site.

It is a difficult task finding reliable tradesman to do jobs on your property and if quality of work is an issue then use a company or tradesman listed as a Master Craftsman.

Where do you look if you want to find a high quality and reliable tradesman or woman these days?

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You would love to have a recommendation from a close friend or relative; however this is not always possible, especially if you have just moved into a new area. This is when you need to check on www.findacraftsman.com, the only website that lists members of The Guild Of Master Craftsmen exclusively. The Guild is the UK's leading trade association and always asks potential members for just that kind of recommendation.

Applicants for the Guild are required to submit references from satisfied customers and one of the main questions asked of all referees is whether or not they would be prepared to recommend the applicant to a relative or a friend. The Guild's council of management review the references of applicants when considering the application for membership, as well as ensuring all other criteria are met. Only when they are satisfied that the applicant deserves to be called a master craftsmen is the application approved. This is about as close as you can get to receiving a referral from one of your neighbours or friends.

In its aim of promoting high standards of work, The Guild of Master Craftsmen also runs a Helpline to assist in locating skilled and professional crafts people. This is a free service that uses the Guild's Membership database to compile lists of Guild members selected by geographic area and craft. Enquirers receive a particular list of the local tradesmen & craftspeople with the skills and experience that they need. You can contact the helpline on 01273 478449.

Including traditional builders, carpenters and skilled tradesmen, Guild membership includes many specialist craftsmen and designer-makers. We have been able to help consumers with requests for soft furnishers to work on repairs in Kuwait; a glass restorer to work on a 200 year old glass goblet; building restorers to repair a wooden mosaic frieze on a house; and a request from Germany for enamellers to make reproduction jewellery. For more information on Fascias and Soffits in your area click here.

You can contact The Guild on 01273 478449 or log on to the web based search facility www.findacraftsman.com

For more news on Fascias and Soffits click here.


Choosing a Roofing Contractor near me

It is essential to choose a reliable and experienced roofing contractor near you and we can provide this for you. 

My Roofing Contractor are Redline UPVC Preston

My roofing contractor are a UK based roofing installer and fitter. We carry out work repairing and replacing roofs. Either replacing wood with UPVC or building a new roof from scratch we always complete work to the relevant professional standards and clean up afterwards. Our testimonials speak for themselves:

Roy at Longridge
"They took just 2 and a half days to complete all the gutters, soffits and fascias ... the lads did a marvelous job, no have a go heroes here, they were skilled at their job and it shows in the finished product, when they had cleaned up there was barely a splinter of old wood or flake of old paint to be found."

More testimonials click here

Finding a Roofing Contractor Near Me

Read this section to find out how to find a reliable roofing contractor near you, this is our advice... 

The easiest way to find a roofing contractor that is in your area and easily accessible to you would probably be to type in the search term ‘roofing contractors near me’. When you are trying to choose the right roofing contractor for you, you have many points to consider. You should check them out before employing them also, if you look for good reputable roofing companies in terms of reliability, workmanship and price the likelihood of problems will be minimised.

Things to consider:

  • Don’t forget when having a refurbishment done on 50% or more of a roofs area a competent roofer must be employed, or your local authority building control must be contacted before work is started.
  • This is to make sure the roof needs to be upgraded to meet thermal standards and requirements.
  • Remember it is not likely you will be able to obtain free advice from a roofing contractor near you, or in any area for that matter, unless you have a genuine intention to assign them to the contract.
  • A property owner is accountable for any planning permissions required on the property.
  • Hiring a roofing contractor near you is much more accessible and reliable that one that isn’t a near you.
  • Get quotes from each of your considered roofing contractor near you. However, we wouldn’t consider automatically taking the cheapest option. You should make your choice on your confidence in the roofing contractor and the quality of the advice given. Also, if you are still unsure contact your local NFRC regional manager for advice.
  • We would recommend agreeing price before any work commences. Be cautious of upfront payments, make sure you know exactly what you are getting for them as it may be hard to get your money back. Especially if it’s a contractor offering VAT-free deals or cash as they cannot easily be tracked down if it doesn’t go to plan.
  • Don’t forget to request a guarantee on refurbishment or new work. NFRC does a guarantee scheme which are independent of, but back up, the roofing contractor own guarantee.
  • Choose up to three roofing contractor near you to examine the job. If it is possible we would advise recommendations from friends, family, neighbours or a reputable trade association.
  • Remember estimates for refurbishment work can be subject to change once the contractor near you that you’ve chosen has removed the main covering to expose the underneath.
  • Enquire each contractor on which materials they would suggest using.
  • Make sure the estimate price or quote is given to you in writing unless it’s a small emergency repair.


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