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Rubber Roofing

How to fit a rubber roof

If you can't find a flat roofer near to you, there are four stages involved to installing a Rubber roof. Once these steps are followed they will ensure a smooth finish of the top of your decking.


Clean the roof: It is essential this is done thoroughly. This is to avoid lumps and areas that are unable to bond with the adhesive once the material has been laid. You should remove any debris on the roof, such as shingles and leaves. If there are gaps in the roof fill them in with wood strips. The rubber won’t hold large gaps, it wont hold any bigger than a quarter of an inch.


Trim the material: The main trimming will happen closer to the end of the job, but you usually have to remove excess parts of the membrane that are making it hard to work with. A steady hand is needed to prevent going off course and removing more than you should.

Always ask a professional roofer before trying any DIY flat roofing project such as installing EPDM.

Roofing felt vs rubber roof


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