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Roofing in Bolton – Flat roofing, roof tile types, roofer

We provide roofing services across Lancashire. A local area we love to provide roofing services in is Bolton. Just to list a few of the services we provide we specialise in flat roofing and roof rile types, with experienced roofers to carry out these tasks.

Flat roofing

This is a roof that is virtually level in comparison to the many kinds of sloped roofs. The name for the slop of a roof is commonly know as its ‘pitch’. Flat roofs have roughly 10°. Flat roofs are very old, they are usually used in arid climates. Due to their flat surface the roof space can also be used as a living roof or living space.

There are many materials the flat roof can be made from. Here we will go through some of the materials available to help you choose the material best for you and keep you aware of the types of flat roofs our roofers can provide for you.

- Asphalt roof: This type of roof is competitively priced and hard wearing. It has a long lifespan and is suitable for most sizes. However, some downsides to this roof type are that it is quite heavy requiring a strong roof structure. It is not DIY friendly or flexible.
- Felt roof: Some positives of this roof type are that it has proven results, it is low cost and suits roofs of any size. The negatives of this are that it needs heat to be installed, it isn’t DIY friendly, it isn’t suitable for regular foot fall and it suffers from a bad reputation from older systems.
- Single Ply membrane: This roof type is similar to TPO, PVC, TPE & PIB. This roof is visually appealing, flexible, lightweight, durable, fire resistant and handles slopes and large areas. Some aspects that let this roof down and that it costs more to install than other flat roofing systems in a domestic setting, it may not suit regular footfall or complex details.
-GRP fibreglass roof: The benefits to this roof style are that it is hard wearing and lightweight. No hot flame is needed, it is truly jointless, aesthetically pleasing, resists vandalism, can be DIY installed and has a long lifespan. On the other hand it does not suit large surface areas easily, it is slippy when new and is not very flexible.
-EPDM rubber roof: This roof style is lightweight, hard wearing, flexible, requires no naked flames and can be DIY installed. This style is not very aesthetically pleasing and may shrink over the years. It might not suit complex detailing and can attract poor installers.

Roof tile types

Concrete Roof Tiles

These can mimic the aesthetic appeal of slate and clay while also giving high levels of durability against the natural elements. They are a very popular type of tile on the market and are cost effective in relation to performance. The low level of maintenance makes concrete one of the best tile materials to get. The roof will need to be able to support the extra weight that comes with the illustration of concrete tiles. In most cases reinforced framing will be needed to ensure the structure can bear the load.

Clay Roof Tiles

Many homeowners are turning to these tiles to add aesthetic value to their home. This tile is attractive and available in a number of patterns and shapes, allowing a traditional Mediterranean look to be created. The maintenance needed for these tiles is low, however, they are brittle and can break. They are one of the best tiles of use for moderate to high sloped roofs. Even though they are slightly more expensive the natural materials used to create them add an eco-friendly appeal.

Other types of tiles…

-Large Format Roof Tiles
-Interlocking Roof Tiles
-Low Pitch Roof Tiles
-Double Roman Style Roof Tiles
-Plain Roof Tiles



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