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What Are The Types Of Roof Tiles

Roof tiles and their many different types

There are many different types of roof tiles.

This section will cover all aspects of roof tyles and the different types available. 

The four main original types of roof tiles which were introduced hundreds of years ago still remain very popular today in Preston and Wigan.

The tile type choice is an important step in the making of your roof design. The type of the tile you will choose will give the aesthetic look you want for your roof.

About Pantiles

Pantiles are becoming more popular than ever before and are renowned for their distinctive 'S' profile that creates a series of ridges and furrows producing one of the most elegant roofscapes available. The Pantile shape is predominant in the East side of England and Scotland, and areas of the South West. This geographical architectural footprint is a legacy of several centuries of trading during which pantiles were brought back from Holland and Belgium as ballast in trading ships.

Sandtoft Pantiles are designed to reflect the history behind what is one of the most eye-catching roof tile designs ever created. At the same time, Sandtoft can offer a choice of five different roof tile types to suit the varying needs of the market place in Preston and Wigan.

About Plain Tiles

Plain roof tiles are small and rectangular in format and have always been 265mm x 165mm (or in fact 10 1/2 " x 61/2 ") in overall size, requiring 60 tiles per square metre. They perform by overlapping densely up to three tiles deep to achieve a watertight layer.

It is this functional requirement that creates their distinctive appearance, adding a sense of detail and texture to the roof. This character is enhanced by the effect of cambers longitudinally and across the width. Clay plain roof tiles can be machine made or handmade, the latter creating the classic rustic appearance.

Traditional Plain roof tiles create highly desirable roofscapes and have been in production to a standard size since 1666 when the Great Fire of London led to the creation of the first product standards.

Wienerberger and Sandtoft manufacture both clay and concrete machine made and handmade plain roof tiles and have also introduced to the market in Preston and Wigan and throughout the country an innovative interlocking plain tile which greatly reduces material and labour costs, and weighs 50% less per square metre.

About Roman Roof Tiles

The term 'Roman' describes roof tile profiles with a flat shape containing one or two rolls these being "single" or "double" Romans. The rolls, are sometimes tapered giving the roof tile a Mediterranean look.

This design is most associated with products that originated in the South West of England in the 1950s. Today the clay Double Roman is the generic roof tile shape for the region. In its concrete, large format form, the Double Roman design is widely used in Preston and Wigan and throughout the country.

Today the use of clay roman roof tiles is largely driven by planning requirements for the conservation and refurbishment market. Sandtoft manufactures traditional Single and Double Roman shapes together with a more pronounced tapered Roman shape.

About New Generation Roof Tiles

Our New Generation range has been developed to make the beauty of a natural clay roof more affordable; thanks to innovative designs that significantly reduce installation costs. This enables our clients to satisfy their planning requirements without incurring the cost penalties usually associated with traditional natural products.

With the introduction of the new generation product range, Wienerberger is able to offer roof tiles that have the look of a traditional clay roof, whilst using innovative technology to modernise and improve roof tile performance, to leave you with both a high quality and beautifully designed roof tile to suit your roofing projects.

Wienerberger value Sandtoft’s heritage and long-established craftsmanship and techniques, and with the advancements in clay technology Wienerberger is able to offer you beautiful clay roof tiles at affordable prices.

About Concrete Thin Leading Edge

Wienerberger offer the thinnest leading edge roof tile on the market in Preston and Wigan and throughout the country. The Thin Leading Edge creates a thin slate-like roof tile appearance with an interlock.

The Thin Leading Edge (TLE) system represents a serious challenge to the perception of concrete as heavy and unwieldy, delivering the thinnest and lightest concrete tile available for use in a myriad selection of roof designs.


Our slate range offers innovative roofing solutions with significant savings over natural slate and fibre cement. With their size (10 tiles per m²) and ease of laying such tiles are frequently used for new build residential projects. Available in Interlocking and Traditional format.


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