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Fascias Preston - Fascias and Soffits Roofing and Guttering

Looking for Fascias and Soffits in Preston? Are your tired of unrealistic quotes and poor tradesmen, don't get steamed up call Redline for professional help.We are upvc fitters and upvc installers who offer help and advice for all types of roofs and roofing issues, from Fascias and Soffits to Guttering, Cladding, Barge boards and UPVC issues.

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At Redline we have a variety of amazing roofing services available throughout Burscough Bridge. If you need fascias in Burscough Bridge, or a new roof, we will do a site survey for you! It is important to note that we do not employ sales people, and we can often provide a quote from photographs. If you are interested feel free to give us a call to discuss in more detail!




All of our roofers are professionally trained. One of the areas we specialise in is fascia’s and soffits, whether it is fitting or repairing them.


UPVC is currently one of the most popular materials that can be used for fascias and soffits. UPVC fascias can come in many different colours and finishes so you can choose the best type for your home. They will last for about 20 years on your Burscough Bridge roof. We only use the best quality materials that will give you long lasting protection on your roof.


UPVC fascia boards are vital to your homes wellbeing. The fascia is a long board which is attached at the point where the roof meets the walls. The fascia supports the bottom row of roof tiles and the guttering. This means it has to be low-maintenance, robust and weather resistant. The fascia boards we provide are all of these things, they also come in a range of colours as mentioned previously.


Benefits of UPVC fascia’s:

• Requires little maintenance
• Wont crack or warp
• No painting, sanding or treatment required
• Hassle free installation with no mess




UPVC soffits are also a very popular choice. Depending on what you like there are a few types of soffits you can chose from for your roof in Burscough Bridge. Such as:

• A 9mm utility board, this is a clean and simple board with an option for separate vents.
• A board with built in ventilation slots to provide a constant airflow.
• A hollow shift board, this is cost effective and has optional vents.
There are many options to help you in getting the right look for your Burscough Bridge home. Our UPVC soffits are available in different colours and widths so they are absolutely perfect for you. UPVC soffit boards are easy to install and last very long. They are offered in a variety of colours to suit any home.


Benefits of soffits:

• Long lasting protection, a robust board that provides long-term weather proofing for your roof.
• Three soffit choice, choose from standard vented or lightweight hollow soffit boards.
• Styles to suit, they are available in either plain or a more decorative style.




Here at Redline Burscough Bridge we know all things there is to know about roofing. We will provide you with the type of roof that is best suited to you as we have extensive experience in all different types of roofs, to ensure you get the right roof for your property in Burscough Bridge! Here are some of the popular roofs you might like for your property:


Flat Roof:


These roofs are very popular with commercial buildings. This type of roof is the simplest roof to build because it has little to no pitch. The usual type of roofing system used with flat roofs is rubber roofing systems.


Gable Roof:


A gable roof is the type that children usually draw. Consisting of two sloping sides that meet at the ridge, making end walls with a triangular extension. This is called the gable, at the top. The gable roof is one of the most common roof structures and one of the cheapest. Water is able to easily drain off it making it a great roof for rainy environments.


Hip Roof:


These are a common roof style for residential homes. This roof style is harder to construct than, say, a flat roof and gable roof. This is due to the fact they have a more complicated rafter structure and truss. The style of the hip roof is four sloping sides with no vertical roof lines or walls. Hip roofs can be rectangular and square.


Saltbox Roof:


This is a traditional new England style house, consisting of a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back, usually a wooden frame house. A saltbox includes just one story in the back and two at the front. The central chimney and flat front are recognisable features. However, the asymmetry of the unequal sides and the long, low rear roof line are the most distinctive features. The name ‘saltbox’ comes from its resemblance to a wooden lidded box in which the salt was once kept. It is similar to a gable roof, but the big difference is that the salt box is asymmetry while the gable design has symmetrical slopes on either side.


Gambrel Roof:


These are a type of gabled roof. They are commonly associated with dutch building traditions and barns. They break each sloping roof section into two parts – one close to the ridge that is relatively flat and one closer to the eaves that drop down steeply. This design makes use of maximum space under the roof. The best and simplest description of this roof is to say barn roof. The style of this roof is usually used on barns, but it can also be used in residential construction. This roof type has the benefit of providing a good amount of attic space. It is often turned into bedrooms or other areas due to the amount of space.




We also offer guttering services throughout Burscough Bridge. Here is some info about guttering for those of you who don’t know:
A gutter (also known as a rain gutter or guttering) is part of a buildings water discharge system. It is a channel or trough running around the perimeter of your roof. It collects rainwater runoff from the roof and discharges it to the rainwater downpipes, which then pass it on to a drainage system. This protects the outer surfaces of your building and its foundations from damp and potentially suffering damage.


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We offer roofing installation and roofline services such as fascias and soffit throughout Burscough Bridge and the surrounding area.
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