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The Seven advantages of Rubber EPDM flat roofs

  • It’s an environmentally friendly product
  • Rubber roofs provide long lasting protection with little maintenance
  • A flat roof that is easy and quick to install
  • Repairing if needed is easy and effective
  • A flat roof that  won’t crack or blister as weather resistant
  • EPDM is a fire resistant material
  • Lightweight material that doesn’t put extra pressure on your building
  • Pollution free


It’s an environmentally friendly product

EPDM rubber roofing is made from an innovative rubber material that is manufactured using recycled rubber discarded from the tyre making process. It is also 100% recyclable when it reaches the end of its long life. It is BBA certified so you can trust in the knowledge that you are looking after the environment as well as protecting your building from the elements. 

Rubber roofs provide long lasting protection with little maintenance

The EPDM membranes are one of the most durable and reliable flat roof applications. It can cope with extreme weather conditions being resistant to heat, UV light, cold and damp. It is also more durable against the Northwest wind, especially compared to old felt flat roofs that can become torn in a gale. EPDM is also moss resistant so keeping it clean is a much simpler process.

EPDM flat roofs are quick and easy to install

A traditional installation for a felt flat roof involved applying three layers with toxic chemicals and adhesives. Each layer had to be properly applied in the right conditions, too much moisture would affect the reliability of the roof. Our rubber roofs are toxic free and easy to apply, the rubber comes in rolls so we just roll it out on the roof cut to size and then make sure it is sealed; which also makes it much more affordable as you will pay for less labour time.

Rubber roofs are quick and easy to repair

In comparison to felt roofs this is a big advantage as to repair a felt roof is time and labour intensive. EPDM flat roof repairs are quick and hassle free so you can be confident that your roof is an investment that won’t end up costing you more in the future.

It is weather resistant so won’t crack or blister

Having a rubber roof means you have less things to worry about as unlike a traditional felt roof it won’t crack or blister. Because of its natural properties the rubber is resistant to blistering and rot.

EPDM is a fire-resistant material

One advantage that can give you peace of mind is that EPDM flat roofs have a fire-resistant layer. This can stop the spread of fire from one building to another, it also means it is ideal for a business property that could be exposed to the risk of fire.

Lightweight material that doesn’t put extra pressure on your building

Traditional felt flat roofs with their three heavy layers apply an extra weight pressure on your building, especially if they become water-logged in a heavy downpour. Our rubber roofs are lightweight, and the rain will run off the smooth surface and drain away quickly.

Pollution free

Due to the non-toxic materials used in EPDM flat roofs the water draining from the roof is pollution free to water your vegetable garden and flowers.

If you have any further questions about our flat roof systems after finding out about the seven advantages of rubber EPDM flat roofs please feel free to contact us.


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