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The World is Changing and so are we…

Here at Redline we know how scary things can be at the moment, the world can stop, but this cannot stop your roof from needing a repair. It is our job to ensure that if you need any roofing work done, then you will feel as safe as possible. We do not want you to have any worry about work we are carrying out, that’s why we are letting you know in this article about all the safety precautions we are taking when carrying out work throughout the pandemic.
Whether its fascia’s and soffits, a loft installation, gutters or anything else, we will be taking the upmost safety precautions while carrying out work on your home. It is not only our responsibility to complete sturdy and safe work, but it is also our responsibility to keep you safe while we are carrying out this work. Every single member of the redline team adheres to the most up to date COVID-19 guidelines at any time.
We offer a variety of services, from fascia’s and soffits repair to a whole new roof, but no matter what job we are carrying out our values to keep you and your household members safe stays the same. All of our redline team are regularly completing COVID-19 tests to ensure they are negative and able to come to work. Furthermore, 100% of our jobs can be carried out outside, fascia and soffit renewals, loft installations, a new roof, new gutters, and everything else, can be completed outside.
In addition to all of our work being carried out outside, this also means there is no need for you and the Redline team to meet in person, face to face. If you do not feel comfortable meeting our team, even outside, just let us know and we will make sure this does not happen. We will inform all members of the team so that we can all stay a safe distance at all times. Once we arrive at your building and begin carrying out work on your roof, fascias, gutters or soffits, if we see you outside we will be sure to stay a safe distance. We understand how important your safety is, and nothing is too much for us to adhere too, so if you have any other specific safety precautions you would like us to take just let us know. This means that when we are completing your new roof, fascia’s and soffits, gutters, or whatever it is you need, that we will be keeping you safe. We are more than happy to do this, as we know how important, and urgent, it can be to get roofing work done on your building.
We hope this article has given you some insight into our safety measures, if you have any further questions feel free to give us a call. Once again, if there are any other measures you would like us to put into place when completing your job, do not hesitate to let us know before we come to carry out the work so we can let our dedicated team know. Our priority is to keep you and your home safe.


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