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How to save your house from water damage


What is in your roof?


Fascia: This is placed in the gap between your house and the roof. It seals the two together and helps to protect your home from the elements. In addition to this, it supports your overhanging roof tiles and the gutters.


Guttering: The gutter collects drain water that runs of your roof. The gutter directs it away from your house and protects the foundations.

Soffits: These are the underside of your fascia, they protect your inner roof from rain and stop it from going mouldy.


You need to keep your gutters clear and up to date


Now that you are aware of what is in your roof, it is also important to understand how and why you need to look after it, so you can protect your home. If it is left your guttering can be damaged beyond repair and lead to a water leak. These bricks can become porous and let all the water soak through to the plaster, which will make it damp and mouldy. A leaky drain can begin to wash away soil underneath your house, and saturate the ground which can damage the foundations and cause them to subside. You should make sure to mount a strong roofline defence to help protect your home.


Do not forget your soffits and your fascia board


Wooden soffits and timber fascia boards, if rundown, could crack and the sealant can break. This could cause leaks which will rot your soffits and fascia, making extensive and costly repair work.


Home improvements don't need to be boring


Fascia, soffits and guttering are a practical home improvement but that does not mean they need to be boring.

Updating your guttering can radically change the look of your house and is a cost-effective way to improve the aesthetic look of your property. Soffits and fascias are an important touch that give your house a clean finish.


Revitalising the look of your home


When you think of home improvement, it is possible your roofline is not the first thing that comes to mind, but it is good to check the wellbeing of your roof occasionally and make sure your home is protected.


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