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What Is The Difference Between Fascia’s And Soffits?


The difference between Fascia’s and Soffits


Fascia’s and soffits make your home look nice on the outside, but what else do they do? They help to protect the inside of your home from outside elements, keeping it free of insects and animals, while also keeping it dry. If you are replacing a fascia or soffit due to it being damaged, or are planning to sell your home and want to improve the property, there are many things to consider. If you do not know the difference between fascia’s and soffits, keep reading and we will tell you.





Not every roof has a soffit installed but if a building does then it is easy to spot. The soffit is an additional cover that sits on the edges of your roof and the adjacent walls of a home. This is to protect the rafter by sealing it in. Previously, soffits were only made of wood, but as is usually the case, they eventually will rot and decay. This can spread fast and compromise the structure of the property and roof. In more recent years these have been replaced with aluminium and UPVC versions. These are much more durable and cost effective, as they do not suffer from the same issues timber soffits do.




A fascia is a roof board, this can be viewed on the edges of the rafters of the building. They are used to protect the roof structure and the inside of the building from being exposed to the outside elements. In addition to this they help to block out the roof tiling, water pipes and rain gutter that are connected to the outside of the roof. Fascia’s play a massive role in creating a pleasing look to the home, rather than leaving the exposed rafters for everyone’s view.


Common issues with soffits and fascia’s


Similar to guttering installation, you need to make sure any fascia’s and soffits are fixed into place correctly to avoid problems in the future.


Here are some common signs of damage:


Bird nests:


Unused chimneys and rafters often turn into the homes of birds looking for a place to raise their children. If this happens you should seek professional assistance about removing them from your property.


Rot and Damp:


If you own a house with an already existing timber fascia or soffit in place already this could be an issue you need to deal with. When this begins on timber there is not much you can do to prevent it from spreading. The best thing to do is to look into other materials you can use, such as uPVC, this is easily fitted and will last for years.


Broken fascia’s and soffits:


Just like any part of a home that is constantly exposed to the elements of outside, soffits and fascia’s will show signs of wear and tear over time. They are easily replaced if needed, with many different colour options available, so you can refresh the outside of your home quickly.




Any homes that are built before the year 2000 could contain asbestos as this material was usually used in construction until the late 1990s. If you inhale this you can get seriously ill so if you think there might be some in your roof contact a professional company about having it removed safely.


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