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PVCU is recycled and turned back into new extruded plastic products. This is so we can keep PVCU out of landfill sites and in use for hopefully hundreds of years. This is good for the environment and business because we pay prevailing market rates for each part of PVCU you send us. Contact us to get your waste recycled.

PVCU recycling future

PVCU is extremely sustainable and robust enough that it can be recycled and re-used up to ten times without its performance deteriorating. Once the PVCU is recycled it is used to make a variety of new products, from window systems to thermal inserts. This allows us to use 100% of our production waste.

When ever it is possible we recycle our products. We reengineer the PVCU from old frames to create new windows, building products and doors for the same supplier. Doing this process uses up less energy and gives a customer a more efficient and higher performance product. We will even come collect PVCU from fabricators for free to process at our recycling plant, or from trade customers stopping them from expensive landfill charges.

High performance and low impact

Advances have been made in product innovation and recycling. These advances mean PVCU is widely recognised as a sustainable choice for the construction business. PVCU window frames that have previously been used can be recycled and re-used up to ten times. According to research the lifespan of a PVCU window is around 35 years. This means PVCU can offer around 350 years of quality performance, with not a lot of impact on the environment.

Material property benefits

PVC-U can be perceived to be unsustainable as it is not organic. However, being organic is only one part of sustainability and it is much less important in the exterior building products market, that needs products to be durable, thermally efficient and low maintenance. PVCU is insulating material. Aluminium is a conductor and timber is porous. PVC-U is the most thermally efficient on a like for like basis. It can also be recycled up to ten times without the quality of the material degrading. This means it has a minimum lifespan of 350 years. Timber can’t be recycled, it is usually disposed of by burning, this can be carcinogenic. PVC-U is a sustainable material which offers better value for money than aluminium or timber.


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