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Why wooden fascia’s should be replaced with UPVC


It is a basic necessity of life to own a home. Many people put a lot of effort into building there own home. Using this is one of the best ways to keep birds and animals from entering your roof. It is also cost effective as you will not always have to get it painted every year, it will make your house easier to sell as there won’t be any complaints about the paint of the house and it will increase the value of your home.


UPVC roofing systems, such as fascia’s and soffits, are fast becoming home owners first choice. Most people prefer this roofline system and it is used on the majority of newly built homes. UPVC means un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride. This roofing system does not rot or warp even if the area you live in often experiences extreme weather conditions. To installing a roofing system like this, you need to hire a professional and reliable roofing company.


Make sure they are very experienced in the industry, so they provide you with the best services possible.

  • Occasionally the companies will leave the old wood underneath. This ends up in low quality finishing. If this happens water will run down and get trapped internally. This will make the wood rot away leading to the fall down of fascia’s.
  • You need to ensure the company you have accessed is the one making use of good quality UPVC.
  • While you look at quotes you have been offered related to fascia’s and soffits you should compare the guarantees offered to you based on workmanship and materials.
  • When you look at their quote, make sure they have added the quote that includes VAT and scaffolding or not.
  • Don’t forget to ask them about references. You want to know what previous customers have thought about their work.
  • Guttering is also accessible in many colours, such as oak, mahogany, half round style or square.
  • Fascia’s are also available in different colours which adds to the style of your home. Wooden decorative boards can also be used as an alternative of UPVC to make sure maintenance free house. Ask the company you are thinking of if they will be offering the same to you or not.


UPVC Fascia boards provide quality finishing…


If the fascia boards, soffit boards, guttering and cladding are made use of perfect finishing can be achieved with reasonable pricing and longevity. If your house has just been bought and you now want to renovate it then making use of the high-quality interior, exterior including roofline products will completely transform the overall look. If you are planning on selling the property after several years, then it will add price to the house. This is because it makes the first impression more impressive which is always a very important part for potential buyers. The first impression is what will push them to look further at the property. This means you should invest in well build and durable products. No doubt there are some properties that tend to retain their timber foo lines but after time they will inevitably rot. They also look untidy. Furthermore, old timber can cause issues as it becomes incapable of performing its job after a certain time period.


However, fascia boards and soffits offer a strong barrier between the exterior walls, the edges of the roof and the weather. They also create a straight edged and neat roofline. It is these roofing systems that enable the rain water to flow properly so that it doesn’t ruin the external walls by going down from there creating stains and damps. It also stops water from accumulating.


This will stop animals and birds getting into your roof and also save you costs on having the roof repainted each year. It adds to the value of your home, which also makes it easier to sell your property.


Although, there are some things you should be careful of while choosing the fascia and soffits for your home. Make sure you contact a reputable company that makes use of good quality UPVC. It is suggested to make use of the service providers who have been around for a while. This way you will enjoy the expertise in the relevant field at its best. You should ask them to show you their installation done by them in the area near you. Sometimes companies cover up the roof with UPVC and leave the wooden one there. This is not a good idea as it will not last for very long, due to the fact the wood will not be able to breathe, and water could run down getting trapped inside it that eventually causes the wood to rot and make the UPVC fascia fall off. Therefore, make certain that you get complete UPVC roofline replacement.


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