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How do I know which colour guttering to choose?

If you are renovating your home the choice of which gutters to use is likely to be an afterthought, or you are likely to just automatically replace them with the same colour and style guttering without considering the options available. When choosing the colour of guttering it is necessary to take into account the different colours on the exterior of your home: the roof, windows, facsia and soffits, and the doors of the house and garage. We want to create a balanced consistent colourway with all of the external features to enhance the architecture of your home. All of our uPVC roofline systems, the fascia soffits and guttering, are supplied by the same manufacturer and so the different features can be an exact colour match. It’s also worth deciding if you want a contemporary look or more of a traditional aesthetic.

Should I match the colour of my gutters to my walls?

If you choose a colour for your uPVC guttering that contrasts with the existing features the gutters will stand out against the roof and walls, creating an outline across your house. If you match the colour to that of your walls this will help the gutters blend into the background and disappear.

Should I match the colour of my gutters to my roof?

Consider the colour of your roof -If you match the roof colour with the gutters they will blend into the roofline giving a neat clean look. Again you can either choose a gutter to contrast or complement with the roof colour. When your roofing material is a light color, a dark gutter color can provide a nice contrast, while a light shade of guttering will blend in better with a darker-colored roof. A blue slate roof can look great with a contrasting orange brown guttering and fascia, but equally if there is a lot of natural timber on the exterior of the property brown can complement this and blend in well.

When choosing guttering consider the other properties in the neighbourhood.

 Have a look at the colours that are popular on other buildings in your neighbourhood. This can signify which colours are a good match with the properties and also help your house blend into the street aesthetic.


It's important to consider the style and period of your property when choosing guttering.

 It's always important to consider the style of your property whether it is a sleek modern design or a traditional period building. Often a modern property can look  more classic with brighter gutter colours to add a sharp clean look, whereas a brown or black gutter colour choice can work better for a more traditional property.


Ultimately you need to be happy with your colour choice so it will depend on your personal preference so choose a colour that you think in your eyes enhances the exterior of your property.


White Gutters

White is often the choice for guttering as it looks good with all colours, creating a bright fresh look. Because white will go with any colour walls if you later decide to repaint, the gutters will still blend in. Matching your white guttering with with new white fascia and soffits can give your house an instant update.

Black Gutters

The other popular choice for guttering is black, particularly in more traditional houses where black guttering and fascia against white walls create an effective monochrome aesthetic. The black uPVC will not fade or discolour so it won’t age as quickly as the lighter colours.

Caramel or Brown Gutters

If you are wanting a warm neutral colourway on your house caramel can look great with timber windows and cladding. If you match it to your fascia and doors with cream walls it can give your house a cohesive look.

Cast Iron Effect

Cast iron effect uPVC guttering  is a great choice for period properties, fitting in with the traditional features.

Grey Gutters

Grey gutters can look really effective with darker slate roofs where the gutters can extend the roofline, particularly if you match it with grey uPVC facsia and soffits.  This can be attractive on more contemporary builds and old stone houses. In 2020 grey was a very popular colour for home exteriors being used for fascia, windows and doors.

We provide uPVC guttering in a range of colours and styles to match the exterior features of your home. If it would be useful to learn more about why choose uPVC guttering you can read our article The Benefits Of UPVC Guttering.

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