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Fascias and Soffits

What are Fascias and Soffits boards?

Fascias and Soffits offer protection to your roof timbers. Without fascia boards the framework that supports your roof would be exposed to the elements. Since they both work to protect your home, it is easy to get them mixed up. The fascia boards are the vertical board running along the eaves of your roof. It is where the gutters are attached and the soffit is the horizontal board that runs from the edge of the fascia which butts up against the property.

When installed properly fascias and soffits ventilate your home, the soffit permits air to flow into your attic which allows a more energy efficient house. Many home builders don’t enclose the fascias and soffits which subjects the wood to all the weather has to offer and we all know how great all wood ends up looking once its been left out in the rain for a long period of time. Also in time nails can start to protrude through the soffit board. At Redline, we understand that the fascias and soffits really complete the look of your home. Aside from the cosmetic improvement to your home, once we are finished wrapping soffit and fascia you will never have to paint the fascias or fascia boards again! This saves you time and money.

With the wide range of sizes and designs offered, our trained professionals will help you decide what fascias and soffits will look best in your home. At Redline, we make sure anything is possible. We will also evaluate your soffit to make sure that you are getting adequate ventilation.

How will they look?

We offer a wide range of fascias and soffits systems which perfectly complement one another. These high-quality components give your roof an attractive sharp edged finish and require very little maintenance. There are three soffit styles available, which are fully compatible with our fascia systems for an exact colour-match.

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Are you uncertain if your Fascia and Soffits need replacing?


Do you know when they were originally installed? The life span of Fascias and Soffits is dependent upon the reliability of the material used, how well it was initially installed, and how well it has been preserved; plus the position of the building and the weather conditions in your area make a huge difference. With the Lancashire wet weather it is essential to examine regularly for signs of wear and tear on your fascia and soffits as they are a vital part of your property defence.


Nearly all fascias and soffits installed in the last century were made of timber, however these require constant care and painting to ensure they are water-resistant, so if you still have timber fascia and you observe cracked and flaking paint this will suggest that the fascia has stopped being weatherproof and probably a symptom of water inside the boards; meaning that water is likely seeping into your property. In addition, any patches of soft wood in the timber of the fascia and soffits suggest water has long been allowed to penetrate over time. It is crucial to deal with any problem when it is first spotted as water will quickly harm walls and loft areas if it starts to seep through the property, creating problems with damp. Check for water damage on your walls or ceilings as issues can swiftly worsen.


For anyone who is worried about any of these problems we are able to provide you advice on what is required to be done and provide a free quote for any work. We can rapidly identify the problem and the treatment needed after 3 decades in the business, and we take great pride in delivering a professional specialist service.


We advise upgrading timber fascias and soffits with uPVC, as they have better capability for dealing with harsh Northwest weather conditions and will need minimum upkeep for years to come. UPVC is in addition strong and tough which is essential for the fascia material as it supports the guttering, downpipes and the lower row of roof tiles. One of the other significant benefits of using uPVC for your roofline is that all of our fascia and soffit systems enable air through the ventilated design which will fixes any issues with condensation that you may have had in loft space attic room.  


Remarkably along with our uPVC fascias and soffits being cost efficient, since they last a long time as well as demand little upkeep, they are also strong and beneficial to the environment since they are made from recycled plastic, that becomes even more tough with the recycling process. Our manufacturer recycled three million window frames in 2020 and has won national recycling awards for their eco-friendly business. They come in a range of eight shades to choose from, such as a wood grain effect if you like the visual appearance of timber, for them to complement any exterior. Often people choose to replace their guttering at the same time since we have matching systems and it could be cost effective if we are going to require scaffolding for the job.

Fascia and soffits installed on a modern home in Preston


If you need further advice check our guide on How Much Do Fascias and Soffits Cost.

Redline install fascias and soffits throughout the North West from Blackburn to Bolton, Fascias and Soffits are installed by Redline.

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