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Which colour Fascia should I choose?

When you start to consider renovations for your home the decision of which fascia and soffits to use is often an afterthought. You want your fascia boards to enhance the existing architectural features of your home not to look out of place, they are a finishing touch that can create a clean modern appearance to your house. Replacing the fascia and soffits is a cost-effective way to give your home a refresh. People are often afraid of using colour, but it is all about finding the right colour to compliment your home and if you choose to use bold colour choices it can make your property quite unique. The aim is to create a balanced consistent colourway with your external features such as your roof, windows, fascia, soffits and guttering. This doesn’t mean they all have to be the same colour as some people think, but it is good to consider the way the colours work with the rest of the building to compliment the architectural features. 

Do the fascia and soffit need to be the same colour?

You can match the fascia to the windows and have contrasting soffits, or match the soffits, fascia and guttering in the same colour, but in a contrasting colour to the walls. Having a different colour for the fascia and another for the soffit creates a more dramatic look. If the soffit is a more muted tone it blends into the background and highlights the fascia in a darker shade. All of our uPVC roofline systems are supplied by the same manufacturer and so we guarantee colour matching.

When you are thinking about which colour fascia should I choose it is important to consider all the different colours in the roof, the walls, windows, cladding and doors before you make your choice.

One of the advantages of using uPVC fascia is that it is produced in a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect colour to compliment your home. The other benefits of uPVC are that it is robust, low maintenance and durable, so the colour won’t fade overtime. The uPVC fascia won’t need to be replaced for many years so it’s important to select the right shade. You need to take into account the proportions of your house and whether you prefer a modern or a more traditional look and consider whether you want your house to stand out or blend in with the environment. 

Should I consider my roof line when choosing fascias?

It is worth considering your roof line because if you can’t fully see the roof from below you could extend and define the roof line by matching the fascia to the colour of the roof. If you can see a lot of your roof with a high-pitched roof line it might be preferable to match the fascia to your walls so that the roof doesn’t look too dominant.

Which colour you opt for is going to depend on the aesthetic you are after, you might want the fascia to blend in, or to stand out and contrast with external fittings, but you will find these suggestions helpful when you are overwhelmed with decisions about your renovations.

White Fascia

White is the most obvious and common choice for uPVC fascia boards, they instantly update your home creating a clean fresh look. White can blend with any architectural features of a property. They can look good with any colour walls or roof and will stand out against a painted wall or against brick. The advantage of it working with any colour background is that if you decide to repaint the walls a different shade in the future you don’t have to worry about the fascia blending in.

Black Fascia

Black can work on more traditional houses, particularly with a slate roof. If you have white walls the black uPVC fascia can create a classic monochrome effect which can be quite elegant. Black can also be effective to create a sleek contemporary look on modern homes with a dark roof. Black doesn’t fade or discolour so continues to look good for longer and the dirt doesn’t show as much as lighter colours, meaning they are easier to maintain.

Wood grain 

We have a choice of five different wood grain colours in  our uPVC fascia to compliment any timber already on your building, so you can match the fascia to wooden window frames and doors and any wood cladding on your building. The brown wood colours can add a sharp contrast to dark grey roofs and also compliment a paler modern brick wall. It’s worth noting the darker colours conceal the dirt more. They are available in Golden Oak, Rosewood, Irish Oak, White Ash or Black Ash. 

Cream Fascia

This warm neutral colour can be very effective with brown roofs, and also with red brick walls. If you are wanting more of a subtle classic aesthetic, cream uPVC fascia can compliment wooden timber windows and cladding. Keeping things neutral and understated means they blend in with the rest of the property.

Grey Fascia

If you are wanting to go for a more unique contemporary look Grey was one of the most popular colours for fascia in 2020 and has also become a popular choice for doors and windows. Grey uPVC fascia  can give the appearance of stone when used with more traditional stone wall buildings, but it equally works with a modern stylish aesthetic and contrasts well against timber cladding and red brick walls. Grey also looks effective with a slate roof, helping to define and extend the roof line. 

If you are still not sure about which colour fascia should I choose we are happy to discuss any queries you have and advise what will work with your property. We have 35 years of experience and knowledge. Please call us for a free quote.


 New fascia and soffits in Preston

How do you know when your Fascia and Soffits should be replaced?

Here are the 6 signs that will tell you when it is time for brand new fascia and soffits:


Symptoms of age, typically revealed by cracked and flaking paint.

Soft spots in the timber, meaning holes or rot are evident.

Signs and symptoms of asbestos utilized in existing fascia and soffits.

Water discovered within the roof location implying a leak.

Any warning that wildlife may very well be living in your roof area suggest the roof is no longer sealed.

Condensation – any obvious signs of condensation is your roof area is a sign there is a lack of air flow.


Do I need to be worried by cracked and distressed paint on my wooden fascias?

Cracked and flaking paintwork might appear unattractive and affect the look of your property, but more importantly it also suggests that the fascia are no longer weather proof and are not doing their job of securing your home from water. Multiple cracks and badly flaking paint are indicators that the water has penetrated the timber panels and most probably is leaking into your house, and we would suggest upgrading them as you will need to spend more money on repainting and resealing them anyway. The great news is that if you remove and replace them with uPVC fascia and soffits they are durable and weatherproof and don’t need resealing or repainting regularly to maintain their efficiency.


Look out for any soft patches of timber, which indicate that water has infiltrated the boards.

Watch out for any soft patches of solid wood, which indicate that water has infiltrated the timber and rot has estalished itself. When the wood starts to rot, damp can begin to penetrate through the house. Investing in weather resistant uPVC fascia and soffits improves your home protection.


As asbestos was regularly used in properties in the last century it is essential to look for any asbestos in your roofline.

Once disturbed asbestos poses significant health risks, even just drilling into it produces dust which compromises your health when breathed in. The primary sign of asbestos on soffits is to watch out for white spores and markings on the surface. It is important to contact an asbestos removal specialist if you suspect there might be asbestos in your roofline. Never attempt to remove it yourself due to the threat to your health.


Is water in the loft something I should be worried about?

If you see any sign of water damage on your ceilings or walls, particularly next to the exterior walls, this needs to be attended to straight away, examine your roofline and loft and if you find any water this is a warning sign that your house isn’t shielded. Any water which is escaping into the property is likely to create damp and mould which can grow to be a threat to your health, in addition you need to prevent the damp compromising the structure of your house because if it invades the walls beneath that can be expensive to resolve.


If you notice any signs of wildlife in the roofline you need to explore further.

Any indications of wildlife in your loft area space, like squirrels, small birds, or little rodents shows that the roofline is no longer sealed. These critters just need a tiny hole to invade your house. If you find any discarded bits of bird nests, rodent droppings or insects in your attic it’s time to determine where the roofline is not sealed and find the way they are getting in.


Should I be concerned about moisture build-up or condensation within the attic?

Signs of dampness inside the loft from condensation build-up reveal how the roofline is just not adequately ventilated. Our new uPVC fascia and soffit systems let air flow through the ventilated design whilst still protecting your roofline, this is one of the main advantages over using timber for the fascia and soffits.


If you spot any of these indicators on your property don’t hesitate to call us for further advice and to get a free quote. We are happy to come out to Preston and anywhere within the Lancashire area. With our thirty years of experience we are able to speedily locate where the problems with your fascia and soffits are and how to resolve this. If replacing the fascia and soffits is decided to be the best option we have a wide-ranging selection of colours and styles to pick from that will help your home exterior to look refreshed and smart as well as providing superb defense against the weather.


We could also improve your guttering. If you decide to invest in having your fascia and soffits replaced it really is cost effective to get complimentary work completed at the same time, especially if you are going to want scaffolding for the project. So let us see if your guttering ought to be repaired or changed. Are the gutters displaying signs of wear and age or can you find damp on the walls near to the guttering. Our producers supply matching uPVC guttering systems to the fascia and soffits, creating a wonderfully cohesive appearance to your house. It is also really worth investigating whether your downpipes are getting beyond repair as well.


One more thing that is worth examining whilst we are up on your roof is whether you have any cracked or damaged roof tiles that it could be good to swap before they make more problems and you will have to invest in erecting scaffolding once again, as well as the labour and materials. Just tell us if you want quotations for the extra work and let us know your budget to determine if it is definitely worth the investment and we are happy to come out to Preston or Lancashire.


Redline is undoubtedly an established Preston company you can trust. It is important to choose a business which you can have confidence in because if any part of the roofline is not well installed it will compromise your house being weatherproofed, and thus can cost you a lot more in the long run if damp begins to seep into your home. Making an investment in your roofline not only guarantees your home is safeguarded but additionally provides your house a new clean updated look. We are always delighted to assist with any queries or concerns so please feel free to contact us.


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