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What are Soffits

Wigan and Bolton Fascias uPVC soffits & benefits

Wigan and Bolton Fascias and Soffits are boards which are attached to the underside of the roof line assembly and they act to keep the underside of the roof rafters dry and secure. Just as cladding,fascias and barge boards are traditionally constructed from wood, so too are soffits. When a soffit deteriorates it can lead to water penetrating the roof rafter ends, which could lead to serious roof damage. In Wigan and Boltonwe we believe the best soffit boards and barge boards on the market – such as Eurocell’s ventilated uPVC soffit boards offer extra loft ventilation and act to prevent the build up of moisture in the roof space which could otherwise lead to rotting timber joists and eaves which would cause the roof structure to weaken.

The main benefits of Wigan and Bolton uPVC soffits are:

  • Available in a range of colours and realistic wood grain finishes
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in traditional plain or tongue and groove
  • Hard wearing and capable of withstanding the harsh elements
  • Long life span


Just how do I know when Fascia and Soffits need replacing?


Here are the 6 signs that will tell you when it is time for brand new fascia and soffit boards: The system is obviously aging with cracked and flaking paintwork on the hardwood. Any soft patches within the wood, showing rot has set in. Be wary of any asbestos in your fascia and soffits system. Water discovered within the roof area showing there is likely a leak. Any indication that critters may be occupying your roof area suggest the roof has stopped being enclosed. Condensation – any sign of moisture build-up or condensation is something you need to worry about. A sign the roof is not really adequately ventilated.


Ought I to be concerned by cracked and flaking paint on my wooden fascia and soffit boards?

You might be able to overlook the flaking paint being scruffy but it is a signal that the boards are no longer water-resistant and are not protecting your house Many cracks and heavily flaking paint are indicators that the water has penetrated the fascia boards and most likely is leaking into your property, and we would suggest upgrading them as you will have to spend on repainting and sealing regardless. Fortunately if you use uPVC to upgrade the fascia and soffits, that are durable and weatherproof, you won't need to keep repainting and treating because they remain water resistant without upkeep for many years.


Are soft areas of hardwood in my fascia boards something to be concerned with?

Look out for any soft areas of wood, which suggest that rainwater has permeated the wood and decay has estalished itself. When the hardwood starts to rot, damp can begin to penetrate throughout the house. Putting in weather resistant uPVC fascia and soffits improves your home protection.


As asbestos was regularly used for fascia and soffits in properties in the last century it is important to search for any asbestos in your roofline.

This has substantial health risks but only once the asbestos is disturbed, however this is as basic as drilling into a soffit and releasing dust from the asbestos into the air that is harmful when inhaled. Look out for any white-colored areas or marks in the panels. It is important to contact an asbestos removal specialist if you suspect there might be asbestos in your roofline. Never attempt to eliminate it yourself on account of the danger to your health.


Is water in the loft something I should be worried about?

Any evidence water on the walls or ceilings that happen to be positioned near the exterior walls must not be disregarded, and your loft area needs to be investigated to check for moisture and water, indicating that your home isn't protected. Water leaking into your home can lead to damp and mould developing, which are health hazards for the residents, but damp can also result in a weakening of the structure of your building, penetrating the walls below which once established is hard and expensive to treat.


Should I be worried about indications of creatures and rodents in my roofline?

Any indication of critters in your loft space, like squirrels, small birds, or small rodents shows that the roofline has stopped being sealed. Just a tiny hole will be enough for these pests to crawl inside. If you discover any discarded bits of bird nests, rodent waste or insects within your attic it’s time to find out where the roofline is not sealed and how they are getting in.


Is condensation from the attic space anything I ought to be worried about?

When you notice humidity in the loft from condensation build-up this will likely imply that it is improperly ventilated. Our new uPVC fascia and soffit systems let air flow through the ventilated design whilst still guarding your roofline, this is probably the main advantage over using hardwood for the fascia and soffit boards.


Don't panic in the event you find any of these indicators that imply your fascia and soffits need attention, simply contact us for advice and a free quote, we work in Bolton and Wigan and throughout Lancashire. With our thirty years of experience we are able to speedily spot where the issues with your fascia and soffits are and how to resolve this. If you wish to go ahead with updating your fascia and soffit boards we have a wide selection available, so they can match and improve your home exterior giving it a new clean fresh appearance instantly.


Don't ignore your guttering whilst we are up on the roof. If you opt to invest in getting your fascia and soffits changed, it can be cost effective to have complimentary work completed at the same time, particularly if you are going to need scaffolding for the project. It is worth considering whether your gutters need to be mended or changed. Check the guttering for any indicators around the walls underneath that water might be leaking from them. Our manufacturers supply matching uPVC guttering solutions to the fascia and soffits resulting in a wonderful cohesive look to your home. It might be that you also need to think about new rainwater downpipes if they are getting to be worn and compromised.


Another thing that is certainly worth examining whilst we are high on your roof is whether you have any cracked or damaged roof tiles that it would be good to replace before they create more issues and you must invest in erecting scaffolding once again, along with the labour and materials expense. Just let us know if you want quotes for the additional work and inform us of your budget to determine if it is worth the investment.


Redline is definitely a recognized firm you can trust working in Bolton and Wigan. It is very important select a company which you can have confidence in because if any part of the roofline is not well installed it will compromise your home being weatherproof, and thus can cost you much more over time if damp begins to leak into your property. Your investment will improve the appearance of your home and ensure it continues to be protected. Our company is always delighted to help with any queries or concerns and undertake work in Bolton and Wigan and anywhere in Lancashire, so please go ahead and contact us.


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