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The 7 advantages of Block Paving for your driveway


A newly laid driveway can completely transform the look and feel of your property’s exterior, quickly creating an elegant clean appearance to the front of your home, making a great first impression. We want to help you understand the advantages of Block paving for your driveway surface. It is generally constructed with concrete or clay, formed into slabs and bricks of different shades and sizes. Cement pavers are composed of aggregates, sand and gravel, which creates a strong durable surface.

Block paving or brick paving, entails the use of blocks to create patterns on your driveway surface. These are then held in place with the sub-base and sand. block paving is one of the simplest surfaces to install for a driveway with basic equipment and cheaper materials.

Some excavation and preparation works may need to be completed before installing the bricks or blocks. After the bricks will be laid in the chosen pattern before being sealed into place. At Redline we have over 25 years experience working in Lancashire and can advise you how much work will need to be done in preparation.


We have found that block paving is one of the most popular options for driveways that our customers in Lancashire choose. So, we have considered the 7 main benefits of block paving that you should know about:


Block Paving is Versatile

What’s great about block paving is its versatility due to an extensive range of blocks or bricks to choose from in terms of sizes, styles, and colours. With these choices, you can customise your driveway to compliment and enhance your home exterior.


Visual appeal

Paving can create an impressive first impression of your home. An intricate design can be created or a simple pattern with attractive paving blocks. An attractive driveway, that will last for many years can increase the value of your property.


Durability of Block Paving

Due to its durability block paving retains its appearance longer than other driveway surfaces. It is incredibly hard wearing, even with constant repetitive weight and strain on it, the driveway will resist breaking, cracking or even wearing down. Block paving can also endure the harsh elements and cope well in the heat and the cold, and it’s even highly resistant to most chemicals and oils.


Paving is Easy to Maintain

Block paving is the easiest driveway to maintain when compared to other surfaces. Soap and water is adequate for cleaning. The natural colourings and materials do not need deep cleaning or treating annually. If one of the bricks is damaged this can be easily replaced.


Block Paving Creates a Permeable Surface

As a porous material rainwater is absorbed, even during heavy downpours, preventing flooding and improved drainage.



Any home owner needs to consider how any work completed on a property impacts the environment. This is not just how the material is sourced and manufactured but also involves how it is transported and how it is installed, plus how it will be disposed of once it reaches the ned of it's life and whether it can be recycled. Block paving is environmentally sustainable because of the porous nature of the bricks. Forming a sustainable urban drainage system. Also, most blocks have a 60% recycled content.


Slip Resistant

Due to the permeable properties of paving, the reduced amount of surface water prevents the growth of moss and algae, that can create a slippy surface on other materials, so it is also an ideal choice from a health and safety perspective as block paving is slip resistant.


Woman in a white car on a block paving driveway surface in Preston


At Redline we want to make sure you choose the best surface for your driveway ensuring it will last for many years to come, so we will take into consideration the position of your property and the area that needs to be covered, plus the materials of the existing structures, so that the driveway will compliment your home. Some driveway surfaces such as paving are more involved to install, and will quickly deteriorate if not laid correctly, so making sure you use a professional company is essential when you are investing in a long-term driveway surface. If you have any queries about your new driveway, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and give you a free quote on 0800 2927908. We are a reliable, professional company in Preston, with over 25 years experience that you can trust, which can be seen by our many 5 star reviews. You may also find it helpful to look at our guide, What is the best surface for my driveway? when considering driveway options.


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