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new upvc fascias in wigan and bolton on a typical Lancashire home


What are Fascias

This section explains what fascias are and why we use UPVC, what they are used for, and where they go on your roof. 

The fascia board is often referred to as the roofline. This is because it’s the one mounted at the point where the outer walls of the house meet the roof. Although, it’s more commonly known as the name of the main board that carries the gutter, which is the fascia or fascias. However, most people aren’t familiar with these terms so we are going to give you a short explanation. The abbreviations PVCU, UPVC and PVCUE are quite often used to describe PVC fascias, bargeboards and soffits. In case you don’t know what PVC means it’s basically just a type of plastic. The fascia board is easily identified as it’s the straight, long board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia is fixed to the lower ends of the roof trusses and mostly does all of the work of supporting the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles. It can also carry all the guttering. If you are looking for uPVC fascia in Wigan and Bolton we have robust systems to choose from.


The benefits of UPVC fascias Wigan and Bolton

This section explains the benefits of upvc fascias Wigan and Bolton are just two of the areas we provide fascias for as well as the surrounding areas.

Fascia boards and barge boards act to support the bottom edge of the roof tiles, concealing and protecting the ends of the roof rafter, in addition to keeping out birds and vermin..

Preston and Blackburn Fascias help to prevent weather damage to roofs and are available in a range of colours and styles. Preston and Blackburn Fascias are more visible compared to soffits so cosmetics is an important factor. Given that traditional fascias and barge boards in Preston and Blackburn tend to be made of wood, thanks to the nature of the material they will eventually rot over time, which results in a property losing its protection. Not only that, but an unsightly property can quickly turn in to an eyesore.

Rotten timbers should never be covered and the practise of covering rotten fascias and barge boards with new uPVC fascias and fascia boards is only masking the problem and will certainly lead to further damage later on. At the time it may seem like the best option because it is cheaper, however the rotting wood underneath will just continue to deteriorate and far from rectifying the original problem it will only make it worse.


Upvc fascias wigan and bolton.

The main benefits of uPVC Fascias include:

  • Relatively maintenance free
  • Improves the aesthetics of a property
  • Durable – will stand the test of time
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Decorative fascia boards are also available

What are Soffits

Wigan and Bolton Fascias uPVC soffits & benefits

This section details the benefits of soffits in Wigan and Bolton, also some of the areas we can provide roofing services in. 

Wigan and Bolton Fascias and Soffits are boards which are attached to the underside of the roof line assembly and they act to keep the underside of the roof rafters dry and secure. Just as cladding,fascias and barge boards are traditionally constructed from wood, so too are soffits. When a soffit deteriorates it can lead to water penetrating the roof rafter ends, which could lead to serious roof damage. In Wigan and Boltonwe we believe the best soffit boards and barge boards on the market – such as Eurocell’s ventilated uPVC soffit boards offer extra loft ventilation and act to prevent the build up of moisture in the roof space which could otherwise lead to rotting timber joists and eaves which would cause the roof structure to weaken.

The main benefits of UPVC fascias Wigan and Bolton are:

  • Available in a range of colours and realistic wood grain finishes
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in traditional plain or tongue and groove
  • Hard wearing and capable of withstanding the harsh elements
  • Long life span


How do you know when Fascia and Soffits need replacing?


The six signs that tell you it is time for new fascia and soffits


    • Signs of age, generally revealed by cracked and flaking paint.
    • Soft areas in the wood, this means holes or decay are evident.
    • Be wary of any asbestos in your fascia and soffits system.
    • Water in the roof area, that implies that there is a leak coming from someplace.
    • Signs of animals and rodents; mice, rats and squirrels can find a home in tiny gaps and can be a sign that your roofline is decaying.
    • If you find any obvious signals of condensation or excess moisture. In the event the roof structure is just not adequately ventilated.


If you're not sure if they need replacing we are happy to come out to Preston or anywhere within Lancashire to examine the roofline and give you a free quote for any work.


Should I be concerned by cracked and distressed paintwork on the wooden fascia boards?

You may be able to disregard the flaking paint being shabby but it is a sign that the panels are no longer water-resistant and so are not protecting your home Multiple splits and heavily flaking paintwork are signs that the water has penetrated the fascia panels and most probably is leaking into your house, and we would recommend replacing them as you will need to pay for repainting and sealing regardless. Fortunately should you use uPVC to replace the fascia and soffits, that happen to be long lasting and weatherproof, you won't have to keep repainting and sealing since they remain water-resistant without maintenance for quite some time.


Are soft areas of hardwood in my fascia panels anything to be concerned with?

Like cracked paint, any patches of soft hardwood you find within the timber fascia and soffits, is a sign that decay has set into the hardwood from damp and moisture that has been permitted to permeate over time. Rot inside the timber permits damp to seep through the house. Protecting your roofline with weatherproof uPVC fascia and soffits is the primary line of defence.


Any asbestos in your fascia and soffit system.

As asbestos was regularly used for fascia and soffits in properties in the last century you will need to search for any asbestos in your roofline. This presents significant health risks but only once the asbestos is disturbed, however this can be as simple as drilling into a soffit and releasing dust particles from the asbestos into the air, that is hazardous when inhaled. The primary sign of asbestos on soffits is to look for white-coloured spores and marks on the surface. If you are nervous that there might be asbestos in your roofline you have got to contact an asbestos removal consultant. Never attempt to remove it yourself because of the threat to your health.


Should I be concerned about water in the loft?

Any signs of water in the walls or ceilings that happen to be positioned near the exterior walls should not be dismissed, and your loft area should be investigated to check for any excess moisture, indicating that your building isn't protected. Any rain water which is escaping in to the property is going to produce damp and mould which can become a threat to your health, in addition you need to prevent the damp compromising the structure of your property because if it invades the walls beneath that will be costly to remedy.


If you see any indications of wildlife in your roofline you should investigate further.

Any signs of critters inside your loft space, such as squirrels, small birds, or little rodents signifies that the roofline is no longer sealed. These creaturess just need a very small opening to invade your home. Any proof, like pieces of bird’s nest, droppings or bugs, demonstrates that you need to investigate where the entry points are, and discover where the roofline isn't sealed.


Is condensation in the attic space something I should be worried about?

Signs of dampness within the loft from condensation suggest the roofline is just not adequately ventilated. All of the uPVC fascia and soffit solutions are created to allow air to circulate throughout the ventilated structure, which is a fantastic advantage over timber systems.

In the event you see any of these signs on your property don’t hesitate to call us for assistance and to get a free quotation. After thirty years in the industry we can quickly establish the issue and the remedy and provide an expert competent assistance. If you wish to proceed with replacing your fascia and soffits we have a wide collection available, so they can match and enhance your home exterior giving it a whole new clean fresh overall look instantly.


We can easily improve your guttering as well. If you choose to invest in having your fascia and soffits replaced, it really is economical to have complimentary work completed at the same time, particularly if you are going to require scaffolding for the project. So allow us to see if your guttering should be fixed or changed. Are the gutters showing signs of wear and age or have you found any damp areas on the walls near to the guttering. if you decide it might be time to erect new guttering, with our suppliers we can colour match the gutters to your soffits and fascia, creating a cohesive look to the whole exterior. Additionally, it is worth investigating whether your downpipes are getting beyond repair at the same time.


Whilst we have access to your roof it can also be the best time to see if any roof tiles may need to be repaired or replaced, before they cause a major issue, and you need to shell out again to erect scaffolding and pay for extra time and labour. Just tell us if you would like quotations for the additional work and inform us of your budget to see if it is worth the investment.


Redline is an established company in Preston you can depend on. It is essential to select a business that you can have confidence in because if any part of the roofline is not well installed it will compromise your home being weatherproofed, and thus could cost you a lot more over time if damp begins to leak into your home. Making an investment in your roofline not only ensures your home is protected but also gives your house a new fresh updated appearance. We are always happy to help with any questions or concerns so please feel free to contact us amd we will come out anywhere in Preston and Lancashire

If you have decided that you need to replace the fascia and soffits with upvc have a look at our guide How much do Facsias and Soffits Cost.


UPVC fascias wigan and bolton.



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