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What’s A New Roof Cost?

What’s the average price of a new roof?

Depending on the size of the roof, whether the instillation requires scaffolding and the type of material used, the price could vary. Usually, roofs on most homes are made from tile or slate and are commonly raised or pitched. Cement tile roofs are cheaper than slate and last longer however they need more material to cover a full roof.

What’s the cost of roof tiles?

Roof tiles are usually made from cement or clay, these are a popular choice for homes. Cement tiles are cheaper then clay. If a tile is made from cement it commonly lasts 40-50 years. Clay lasts about 50-100 years.

What’s the cost of a slate roof?

Slate is most often found on period or traditional homes. Because of its grey colour and texture, it has an attractive appearance. Slate lasts longer than tile roof, about 120 years. But it also needs more slates to cover the roof and is more expensive.

What’s the cost of a small flat roof?

If you’re having a flat roof slate or tile won’t be used, a different material will be. The most used material for flat roofs is felt. But now there are others on the market, for example fibreglass and PVC.

About roof repair or new installation

You should have your roof and gutters checked regularly, at least once a year, to see if you need any repairs. Usually a lee will be cause by missing tiles or damaged ones which could have been blown in the wind. If this happens then you wouldn’t need to replace the whole roof you would just need a repair job.

If your roof keeps leaking or is failing to keep the water out, or clearly damaged then you will usually need the whole roof replaced. You could also use new tech to make the house more eco-friendly. Like solar panels.

What effects the price of re-roofing?

If extensive work is done on a building over one story then scaffolding will be required which would raise the price. Other things can affect the price such as access to the roof, the size, the cost of the material and the current state of the roof. There would also be the cost of labour hours and the cost of removal of waste.


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