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What Is The Difference Between Fascia’s And Soffits?


The difference between Fascia’s and Soffits


Fascia’s and soffits make your home look nice on the outside, but what else do they do? They help to protect the inside of your home from outside elements, keeping it free of insects and animals, while also keeping it dry. If you are replacing a fascia or soffit due to it being damaged, or are planning to sell your home and want to improve the property, there are many things to consider. If you do not know the difference between fascia’s and soffits, keep reading and we will tell you.

Some of the Jargon Explained – Fascia boards

There are many different terms used to refer to the Fascia Boards. It is essential to know what type of fascia is attached to your roof, as it has a bearing on the type of fixings you use for your gutters. The explanations in this article should help you decide exactly how to fix your gutters to your fascia’s.


What is a fascia?


This is the term used for the horizontal board, which is fixed along the rafter ends at the eaves, closing the gap between the rafters. It was traditionally made of 3” or 4” timber, in recent years PVC has become the more popular material of choice for most developers and contractors due to it being maintenance free. The fascia board is the piece of timber that gutters are fixed to. This will also support the bottom row of slates or tiles in certain circumstances. There is also a variety of colours, shapes and sizes available.

Positives and Negatives to UPVC fascia and soffits


UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is commonly used for window frames, soffits, fascias and guttering. It is very popular due to its hardwearing nature and its affordable pricing. However, there are some drawbacks and benefits to this material, as there are with any material. Here we have created a useful guide so you can consider the pros and cons of using UPVC guttering, and decide if it is the best option for you and your home.

Importance of High Performing Soffits, Fascias and Gutters


Many people get confused when fascia and soffits get mentioned, as though you are speaking another language! This is surprising seen as they are so important and essential to every home. Timber soffits have been around for a long time, a lot of homeowners do not realise that homes made before the 1980s were constructed with un-treated timber fascia and soffits, which will usually require replacing. We now have UPVC available for fascias, soffits and guttering. This has allowed the life expectancy and performance of fascias, soffits and guttering to raise significantly.


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