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Tarmac Driveways vs Block Paving for your driveway


Tarmac and Block Paving are the two most common surfaces for driveways, so a good place might be to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials which is why we thought thisarticle, tarmac driveways vs block paving for driveways would be helpful. If you’re looking at your tired cracked old driveway with potholes that you have to avoid every time you reverse into your garage, maybe you are starting to realise it really is time to replace your driveway. Maybe you’ve been avoiding it because you’re not sure what would be the best surface to install and don’t know where to begin, or maybe you are worried about how much it might cost. For both you will need to have a prepared level subbase with a thought-out drainage system before you can begin to lay the top surface layer. If this work isn’t finished to a high standard, regardless of which top layer you choose you will not have a hard wearing and long-lasting driveway.


Block Paving Surfaces


A block paving driveway is the surface of choice if you are wanting to achieve a high end look that can enhance the exterior of your property. With such a diverse range of colours and materials available for the blocks and bricks, and no limit to the patterns and styles you can create, driveways can be designed to complement your home and so improve the overall appearance of the exterior.

If you are looking for something that not only looks impressive but is very hard-wearing and durable then block paving could be the answer, as it should last for many years and your driveway will continue to look good with very little maintenance or upkeep. It can even cope well with any weather conditions and is also permeable, creating drainage to make it a sustainable product.

Block Paving is the more expensive option for driveways as the materials are a higher cost and the installation is more labour intensive than other processes. The subbase needs to be very level to create a flat solid surface and it takes time to install each individual brick so it will take several days to complete, depending on the size of the area obviously.

Even though the upfront cost of installing block paving will be higher than other driveway surfaces it will actually add value to your property, particularly if it is a period property. It is also easy to repair if any of the bricks crack or break then it is easy to replace that one block without having to do anything else to the rest of the driveway, and the repair will not be visible.


Tarmac For Your Driveways


In comparison Tarmac driveways are quick and less costly to install, with the likelihood of it being completed in one day if the subbase has already been prepared. This makes the installations process less of an inconvenience as you will only lose access to your driveway for one day. The process is even quicker if the tarmac can be overlaid over the top of the existing surface, which may have cracked and split. Because it is quick to lay it is ideal for large driveway areas.

Some people are put off by the limitations with the colour of the tarmac, particularly if your property is made out of a light coloured brick but it can often work well with a modern building.

Tarmac driveways can cope with a lot of traffic and weight as it is very hard wearing although it can become damaged by diesel or petrol which will cause the degradation of the tarmac.

It is worth considering the climate of the location and the position of the driveway as Tarmac can cope with cold temperatures but will degrade in UV light. Tarmac is known to crack and split, causing holes in the surface, which will mean the whole area will need re-surfacing.

If you have a small awkward shaped driveway with little access, it might be easier to use block paving as there may not be enough space for the machinery required for tarmac.


So, when people are considering which material they want to use for their driveways they generally factor in the cost, the time it will take, and of course the finished look, but it is also important to think about how long the driveway will last and how much maintenance it will require before you invest.

If you are still not sure whether you need to replace your driveway take a look at our guide, How do I know when to replace my driveway. Redline has been working in Preston and the Lancashire region for the past 25 years and has a great reputation for excellent workmanship and a reliable and professional service, which can be seen by our many 5 star reviews- see our gallery for examples of our work. Call 0800 2927908 if you would like to discuss your needs for your driveways, or contact us online we are happy to give you a free quote.


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