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How much do fascias and soffits cost?


How often do you look up at the roof of your home? Roofline issues are often overlooked until there is a problem that you can’t ignore, such as a leak or damp in the walls. Many people do not understand what fascia and soffits are, and the important purpose they serve. Roof timbers and roofs overhang the walls of houses, and the fascias and soffits are attached to bridge the gap between the wall and the edge of the roof. It is essential that fascias are weather resistant and strong as it supports the lower row of roof tiles, the guttering and the downpipes. This is why it is important to keep these in good condition. If you need more information you can look at our article What are Fascias. If you are asking yourself how much do fascias and soffits cost this will depend on the materials you choose and the size of the property.


Often wooden fascias and soffits become weather damaged over time, particularly with the Lancashire wet weather, and now are mainly being replaced with uPVC. These systems have an increased capacity for withstanding the harsh elements of Northwest weather. People are often worried about the cost of fascia and soffits but for any homeowner installing new fascia and soffits is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your home. With a wide choice of styles and colours to complement your property it is easy to give it a stunning fresh facade, whilst more importantly protecting the structural integrity of your house; and with uPVC there is minimum maintenance required for many years. The smart clean edges enhance the exterior of your home and also add value to it, as any potential buyer is safe in the knowledge that they will need little upkeep in the years to come and know that the roofline is intact, which will keep heating costs to a minimum. So often when people consider how much do fascias and soffits cost it is important to think long term.


Our uPVC systems are not only cost efficient, robust and easy to maintain but they are also good for the environment. The uPVC is made from recycled plastic that becomes even more durable after it is recycled. In 2020 the manufacturer recycled 3 million window frames and has won national recycling awards for their sustainable business.


The cost of replacing fascias and soffits


The price will be broken down into multiple components, typically: scaffolding, material, removing waste and the labour involved. The job would normally take a couple of workers to complete in a few days, depending on the size of the building. Scaffolding if required can account for one third of the total, with the cost of fascia and soffits uPVC materials being a small part of the overall price as they are much cheaper than timber boards. The fascia and soffits come in a range of 8 different colours to match any property. It is important when considering which colour to use to consider the different colours of the existing features of your property; such as the windows, walls, cladding and roof. You might prefer that they blend into the background or maybe to stand out in a contrasting colour for a more dramatic look. A popular choice of UPVC style is wood grain effect which gives the appearance of wooden timber. If you are undecided which colour to use take a look at our guide, Which colour fascia should I choose. When you are considering how much do fascias and soffits cost the price of replacing them is small compared with the cost of having to have a new roof installed if it has not been properly protected. We have 30 years of experience and are recognised for our professionalism and efficiency with 4.8 stars on Which trusted traders customer reviews. We are more than happy to advise and answer any questions. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements for an accurate quote.


When to replace fascias and soffits


It can be difficult to know when to replace fascia and soffits, or even what they are, particularly if you are a new homeowner, so before you start wondering how much do fascia and soffits cost you need to understand their importance. Fascia and soffits are an integral part of your property and are essential to maintain the structure of your building! Fascia and soffits keep water, condensation and damp out of the home, protecting the roof and the house below. If fascia and soffits did not exist, you would have recurrent issues with roof, tiles, roof void and guttering, not to mention damp seeping through to the building! This would be very annoying and expensive.


How often to fascia and soffits need replacing and how much do fascias and soffits cost?


How much do fascias and soffits cost on a typical homeDespite their importance, fascia and soffits are often overlooked by homeowners. Many people do not notice them, and most do not understand what their purpose is, often thinking they are just decorative. Fascia and soffits usually last for years, and their life span will depend on the state of the existing roofline, the material that has been used and how well it was installed initially and also how well it has been maintained. Neglected fascia, particularly if they are made from timber, will deteriorate quickly, especially with the amount of rain we get in the Northwest; wooden fascia need to be regularly painted and weather proofed. How much the property is exposed to the weather is also an issue to take into account, a house overlooking the sea on a cliff top will need their fascia and soffits replacing much sooner than an inner-city dwelling. UPVC fascia are much more weather resistant than timber and you will find the cost of fascia and soffits reasonable. This means every homeowner eventually must be equipped to recognise the signs of wear and tear on fascia and soffits so they can take action and keep their home protected. 


What to look for so you know when fascia and soffits need replacing?


Every homeowner needs to know how to spot the signs of when fascia and soffits need to be replaced, especially so you can find the early warning signs before the issue escalates. There are many reasons fascia and soffits need to be replaced but the most common reason is simply due to old age and becoming damaged by the weather over time, so the first thing to consider is when were they originally installed? 


7 signs that tell you when it is time for new fascias and soffits:

  • Signs of age, usually shown by cracked and flaking paint.
  • Soft patches in the wood, this means holes or rot are showing.
  • Signs of asbestos used in current fascia and soffits.
  • Water in the roof void, which shows that there is a leak coming from somewhere.
  • Signs of animals and rodents; mice, rats and squirrels can create a home in any tiny openings and this can be a sign that your roofline is deteriorating.
  • Condensation – any sign of condensation is something you need to worry about.
  • Lack of ventilation.


Should I be worried by cracked and flaking paint on my fascias?


Cracked and flaking paint might look unsightly and affect the appearance of your home, but more importantly it also suggests that the fascia are no longer weather proof and are not doing their job of sealing your home from water. You might not think that cracked paintwork is that much of an issue and feel that you can put up with the boards looking a bit shabby, but multiple cracks and heavily flaking paint are likely to be the symptom of water in the boards; meaning there could be water leaking into your house and that it’s time to think about replacing them. The good news is that if you replace them with uPVC fascia and soffits they are durable and weatherproof and don’t need treating or painting regularly to maintain their effectiveness.


Are soft patches of wood in my fascias something to be concerned about?


Like cracked paint, any patches of soft wood you find in the timber fascia and soffits, is a sign that rot has set into the wood from damp and moisture that has been allowed to penetrate over time. Once the wood starts to rot, damp can start to seep through the house. Protecting your roofline with weather resistant uPVC fascia and soffits is the first line of defence.


Signs of asbestos used in current fascias and soffits


Asbestos was often used for soffits in homes built in the last century. This presents considerable health risks but only when the asbestos is disturbed, but this could be as simple as drilling into a soffit and releasing dust from the asbestos into the air which is harmful when breathed in. The main sign of asbestos on soffits is to look for white spores and markings on the surface. If you are worried that there might be asbestos in your roofline you will need to call an asbestos removal specialist. Don’t attempt to deal with it yourself because of the health risks.


Should I be concerned about water in the loft?

If you see any sign of water damage on your ceilings or walls, particularly next to the exterior walls, this needs to be attended to straight away, examine your roofline and loft and if you find any water this is a warning sign that your house isn’t protected. Water leaking into the house can lead to damp and mould forming, which are health hazards for the inhabitants, but damp can also lead to a weakening of the structure of your building, penetrating the walls below which once established is difficult and costly to treat.


Should I be worried about signs of animals and rodents in my roofline?


Evidence of any wildlife in your loft such as birds, mice or squirrels, means that the integrity of your roofline has been compromised. Even a tiny hole is adequate for these creatures to crawl inside. If you find any leftover bits of bird nests, rodent droppings or bugs in your attic it’s time to find out where the structure is not sealed and how they are getting in.


Should I be worried about condensation in the attic?


If you notice moisture in the loft from condensation this is likely to mean that it is not properly ventilated. Our new uPVC fascia and soffit systems allow air to flow through the ventilated design whilst still protecting your roofline, this is one of the major advantages over using timber for the fascia and soffits.


If you recognise any of these signs on your building don’t hesitate to call us for further advice and to get a free quote. After 30 years in the business we can quickly determine the problem and the remedy and offer a professional competent service. If you want to go ahead with replacing your fascia and soffits we have a wide selection to choose from, so they can compliment and enhance your home exterior giving it a new clean fresh appearance instantly.


When you think about how much do fascias and soffits cost it is worth considering your guttering too


If you've considered how much do fascias and soffits cost and decide to invest in getting them replaced, it can be cost effective to get complimentary work completed at the same time, particularly if you are going to need scaffolding for the project. It is worth considering whether your gutters need to be repaired or replaced. Are the gutters showing signs of wear and age or can you see damp on the walls near to the guttering. If you feel it might be time to erect new guttering with our suppliers we can colour match the gutters to the soffits and fascia giving a cohesive look to the whole exterior. It might be that you also need to think about new rainwater downpipes if they are becoming worn and compromised. Whilst we have access to your roofline it is also a good time to check if any roof tiles are also needing to be repaired or replaced before they cause a major issue, and you will need to pay again to erect scaffolding and pay for extra time and labour. We can provide quotes including the extra work or without, so you can see what you have the budget for and choose how to invest in the future defence of your home. If you'd like extra advice on your guttering see our article How much do gutters cost?


Redline is an established company you can trust for your roofline and for replacing facsias and soffits


If you have been worrying about how much do fascias and soffits cost we hope this has helped you to understand the importance of your investment. It is crucial to choose a company that you can trust because if the fascias and soffits are not properly installed it can compromise your home being weatherproofed, and so can cost you much more in the long run if damp begins to seep into your home. Investing in your roofline not only ensures your home is protected but also gives your house a new fresh updated appearance. Redline have many excellent reviews and are a company you can trust. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are wondering how much do fascia and soffits cost and we can give you a personal quote. We are happy to answer any questions you may have as this is all part of our service.



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