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Five reasons why EPDM is the best choice for the environment and for your roof


If you have decided that you need to replace your flat roof, one important aspect to consider is the impact on the environment of the materials and the process that you choose. EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer over the last few years has become the most popular roofing material, because of its multiple benefits for the property and for the environment, offering an effective sustainable waterproofing solution. Every construction project must now take into consideration environmental concerns, which means there are many new products that are environmentally friendly without compromising on quality or durability, and they still look good.


EPDM roofs are made from recycled rubber


The EPDM roofs are generally made from recycled rubber that is used in the tyre making process. I know you do not expect to hear the term recycled and rubber in the same sentence which is what makes this such an exciting innovation. 


EPDM flat roofs are 100% recyclable


EPDM is also 100% recyclable, which means when the roof comes to the end of its long life, all of the rubber can be reused. And as the roof is guaranteed for 20 years but has a life expectancy of 50 years if properly maintained, this won’t need to happen that often. It is also environmentally responsible as it offers an extra layer of insulation which should reduce any heating bills and further protect the structure of your building.


EPDM has no need for any toxic adhesives or chemicals


Because EPDM roofs offer such a sustainable hard-wearing option this means there is less demand for traditional non eco-friendly methods. Old traditional flat roofing systems have often relied on harsh chemicals, including lead, to provide a weather resistant roof. When the roof needs to be replaced these dangerous pollutants generally end up in landfill. EPDM roofing is a non-toxic solution and does not contain any bitumen and does not need the use of any toxic adhesives in its process.


Pollution free 


Having a store of rainwater collected from the roof in a barrel or water butt is seen as a necessity for any eco gardener, particularly with the unpredictable weather in Lancashire. Many people are now turning to self-sufficiency and growing vegetables in their garden so will need that extra water supply. With EPDM being non-toxic this also means that any rainwater collected from the roof surface has not been polluted in any way, making it clean to use on your vegetable garden, flowers and lawn.


Go greener with a roof garden


Another exciting way people are going greener with EPDM roofs is to create a roof garden, where people are planting mosses and grass for further insulation. This not only looks pretty but also saves you money with your heating bills. The waterproof layer of an EPDM roof is perfect for these projects. 


Why should I use EPDM for my flat roof?


EPDM roofing is a sustainable and recyclable roofing method that offers many benefits which are not only environmental, EPDM roofs are non-toxic, cost-effective, low maintenance, durable and even provide an extra layer of insulation to your roof.


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