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Which style of guttering should I choose?

The guttering systems function is to redirect the rain from the roof into the drains to protect your home from water penetration. When choosing which guttering system it is vital to consider the area of your roof surface that the water is draining from and also the weather of the region. You will need to make a decision about the size, shape, material and placement of the gutters. If the gutters are not correctly installed this could mean that rain can overflow against the walls and the fascia, which over time can cause damp issues in the structure of the building which are very costly to repair.

Our uPVC guttering comes in a variety of colours and designs and is extremely durable and long lasting as it can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions and is easy to maintain.


The most common guttering found on properties is the round gutter, this is the standard guttering and the most cost-effective if you are looking to replace your guttering. 


With its angular lines the square guttering suits more contemporary properties, this has a higher capacity than the round guttering due to the square shape so is also suitable for large roof areas. With the sharp lines they can add a neat finish to your home.

Deep Flow Hi Cap 

Houses in wetter areas will be better served with deeper gutters such as our Hi Capacity uPVC guttering. This can double the waterflow draining from your roof, so ideal for wet Lancashire winters and will ensure there are no drainage problems in storms and heavy downpours.  


The Ogee design guttering has a moulded bevelled side with a flat bottom featuring decorative lines. They are ideal for a period home and will complement the traditional features. The Ogee gutters also have a higher capacity volume and are great at handling high volumes of water.

If you would like to discuss which uPVC guttering will be best suited to your home we are happy to give you a free quote. It can be a good idea to replace your roofline features such as the fascia and soffits at the same time as the guttering, especially if the project requires the extra expense of scaffolding. We colour match all our uPVC roofline products so you can have a finished clean exterior for your home.


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